Astrology likes you to embrace good and fun aspects of your zodiac sign. But whether you want to admit or not, each zodiac sign also has some bitter secrets about themselves. You might not bring this up to the table with your friends, but you’re not alone in your darkness when your thoughts turn weird, wild or creepy. This article will open up your secrets and might actually make for a pretty fun happy hour discussion. You can find secrets of each zodiac sign, here are some aspects:

 secrets of each zodiac sign
ARIES: Jealousy is a big problem as well as your secret to which you will never admit. It’s something ingrained into your personality and no matter how hard you try to prevent it, it will bubble to the surface. it’s your dirtiest secret as it could destroy your friendships and other relationships. If people don’t pay attention to you, your mood is ruined and the worst side of you might creep out.

TAURUS: They are the stalkers. They have a hard time letting go, and this can lead a less-than -self-aware Taurus to turn to stalking to get what they want. Taurus also has a prejudiced nature and they’re fixed in their ways, their stubbornness will always prevail. That’s your dirty little secret.
GEMINI: Their dirty secret is that they are the liars. They have the ability to reframe almost anything as their own version of the truth. That why they never realize that they are lying. Many Gemini people use their duality to bend the truth their version of reality.
CANCER: They are very obsessive in relationships, many people like to be adored by their partner, on the surface, it sounds great but many people don’t like to be smothered in a relationship, especially the introverts. They can’t stand clinginess and get easily irritated because of cancer’s suffocating nature.

LEO: You’re terrible with money. your bank account is always in pain. They think it’s their world and everyone is just living in it, this is their creepiest trait that they seek admiration, sometimes to the detriment of everything else. Social acceptance, validation, and applause are what they seek.
VIRGO: They acquire secret sex fantasies and their standards are unrealistic. They set their standards too high which are often a good thing but sometimes they’re so high that they begin to hurt you. Virgos shy nature keeps them away from transferring their sex fantasies from their heads to their beds.
LIBRA: They are overly dependent and feel to shut down when no one is around, the silence is often too defining for you to handle. It isn’t easy to admit you don’t know how to be yourself, which is why this is your secret. The fear of being alone makes you overly dependent on others, including your parents and friends.
SCORPIO: Scorpio has scary thoughts! This zodiac sign is often viewed as the darkest sign. Scorpio has violent fantasies, and even though they might never act them out but sometimes they slip out their dark thoughts. They experience emotions much differently than the other signs, and that might be why your anger can be uncontrollable at times.
SAGITTARIUS: You run away from your feelings and push people away. You’re terrified of losing your freedom, so it’s probably a defense mechanism to save yourself from commitment. They escape from feelings, conflicts, and responsibility because they don’t like confronting them. They usually live in another world, their own world.

CAPRICORN: You fantasizes about getting rid of people. They don’t want anyone to get in their way. They get rid of those who hinder their progress. You have this urge to poke nose in other’s business because you think you have an answer to all problem. This approach is usually harmful to your relationships, which is why it’s your dirty little secret.
AQUARIUS: You get paranoid easily, your constant need for alone time can lead to your deepest secret, the fact you’re paranoid. Your personality makes your insecurities even worse because you struggle to trust and express your emotions in a healthy manner. This isn’t something you can easily reveal to your friends. It can become challenging to open unto others about the secrets of your personality.
PISCES: They view themselves as superheroes who want to stop anyone from ever feeling an ounce of pain. They have a social anxiety and live in their own little dream world away from reality. Your struggles with social anxiety often go unnoticed because You’re so talented at hiding you’re it. You’re selfless, which is why you rarely make situations about yourself, and that’s your dirty little secret.

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