Anxiety is nothing new this day and it seems we all experience it once in a while or daily, it feels like the whole world is going to come crashing down on you. According to your zodiac sign, every person acquires different traits. Speaking in the same pretext, everyone has a different reason for feeling anxious. Before visiting your doctor, check out your zodiac sign to help you find the root cause of it. Let’s see what stars can tell you.

ARIES: What Aries fail to understand is that life can and will function with you, they are too hard on themselves and rarely take a break to achieve their goals. They are highly prone to anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Always being the superhero is not important but being free from the clutches of anxiety is.
TAURUS: They are highly concerned about what people think and say about them. They get anxious on small issues like not meeting someone on time, unable to meet deadlines, not scoring highest in class or when that sense of stability is out of their life. Overthinking about such matters will only make things worse than they actually are in your head.

GEMINI: Gemini tends to exaggerate little problem into a huge one, ending up stressing over it too much. Despite your cheery nature, you become upbeat about certain stuff way too fast. You are highly emotional and have trouble controlling your anger when solving the problem. You should calm your mind and not create permanent feelings and emotions about temporary things.
CANCER: Cancers are anxious by nature. When someone invades their privacy, tries controlling them or when someone does not give you the space you need to recharge yourself from the world, anxiety will hit you like a bag of bricks. Cancers can’t stand criticism and take it too personally. They worry too much about other people’s opinion and all this makes them anxious. You do not need to put a lot of stress on your emotions, trust yourself to beat this anxiety.
LEO: Although a leo does;t care about what others say and do, they stress over their life failures. Losing sight of your plans, the way you wished your things to lead to a sense of anxiety. You should realize that a failure is a part of our life. We can’t grow and develop unless we fail atlas once.
VIRGO: Overthinking is what almost always triggers your anxiety. If Virgos were paid every time they over think, they would become the richest people on earth. When things don’t go the way you planned, you start to over think about its consequences. You also tend to worry about your love life more than they should. You are your own worst enemy, so stop freaking out and trust yourself more, things have a way to get settle on their own.

LIBRA: Libra has difficulty understanding that life is not always fair and just. If you feel a sense of injustice, even a bit, it stresses you out. What triggers your anxiety is you expect a little too much from your loved ones and mostly get hurt. You are just human, you can’t change what humans are not able to change. Just sit in fresh air to breathe out your anxieties and live in the moment.
SCORPIO: Scorpios are known to be selfish when it comes to their own well-being, they require their personal space and not getting it may trigger their anxiousness. Lack of love and attention can also make a Scorpio anxious. They crave those two things and when people do not give them enough love in return, they start worrying about how to deserve their love. You should find your own peace corner and love your self for who you are.
SAGITTARIUS: A Sagittarius hates the restrictions, judgment, criticism and other people’s expectations. They are weak at meeting deadlines which often causes them stress and anxiety. Living a monotonous life is not your thing, being spontaneous is all you live for. Focus on your happiness and stay away from those who bring you down.
CAPRICORN: You yourself is the cause of anxiety. Being a workaholic, you put way too much pressure on yourself and set a lot of strict deadlines to handle. They set high goals, and if you don’t meet them, you feel frustrated which in turn triggers your anxiety. They stress over the tiniest thing in the project and get super angry when things don’t go their way. You need to take it easy, nothing is perfect.
AQUARIUS: Multitasking is the roots cause of your anxiety. You try to accomplish too many things at a time and devise your own methods and resolutions to get things done. And if things don’t go your way then you get anxious over it. What you need to remind yourself every now and then is that you need to slow down, relax and deal with things one at a time.

PISCES: You are a shy kind of person, crowds and public speaking make you anxious, despite the fact that you have fantastic speaking skills. Big crowds trigger your anxiety and even breathing becomes the most difficult task for you. Since you can’t avoid the people, learn to be a bit more social and spend a lot of time to restore your energy.

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