Which Zodiac Sign You Should Not Date?

Based on your zodiac sign, you have your own unique sets of traits which the other might or might not like. Sharing a life with someone else and being committed to someone is a pretty big step in life, so make sure you are dating a right person. So here’s a glimpse into the few facts of the kind of person you should date, depending on your zodiac sign.

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 ARIES: You shouldn’t date a Capricorn.

You are known for valuing your independence above all else. You are used to being on your own and do everything by yourself. Don’t ever date someone who can control you in any way and who don’t value and respect you. They will actually make you feel like they are concealing you and the relationship will be over much too soon.


TAURUS: You shouldn’t date Aquarius.

This zodiac sign is stubborn and jealous of a kind in nature. even though they like charming personalities but they do not want to date someone who catches the center of attention all the time. the sense of insecurity would destroy your relationship so don’t go for someone who doesn’t value the importance of a home and safety in the relationship.


GEMINI: You shouldn’t date Scorpio

They hate being caged by their partners rather they are known to be social butterflies. they love communicating with other, however, you should not date someone with the same traits as you as there will be a clash among the two of you. Since both loves to go out, it will lead to a severe competition and cause more clashes.


CANCER: You shouldn’t date Sagittarius

With your famous ‘mood swings’ comes trust issues. you also are sensitive to your own feelings and can’t stand to have a partner who doesn’t validate that. don’t ever date someone who acts too fishy and sneaky with you as it will frustrate you more. dating someone who’s rude and bossy will also destroy your relationship.


LEO: You shouldn’t date Pisces

Though they are known to be the most egoistic sign in Zodiac community, so if they offer you their time and love, it should mean the world to you because they don’t bow to anyone. Don’t date anyone who’s too much of a ‘man’ to cuddle or hug you in public. It will only end up hurting and making you feel less about yourself.


VIRGO: You shouldn’t date Libra

As a Virgo, your ultimate goal is to please people emotionally. You should not date someone who doesn’t communicate with you effectively is a rule breaker. Never date a person who is unsure about ‘love’ and has been broken in the past. you don’t need to worry about anyone else’s problem.


LIBRA: You shouldn’t date Virgo

You’re quite a diva and you know that you should be treated like royalty. You know pretty well what you deserve and wouldn’t settle for less. You should never date someone who doesn’t believe in the worth of little things in life, who makes you insecure and questions your worth.


SCORPIO: You shouldn’t date Gemini

You are incredibly sensitive and don’t take crap from anyone. You like being in control and taking upper hand in things. As a fierce being, you shouldn’t date someone who doesn’t know how to deal with your character.


SAGITTARIUS: You shouldn’t date Cancer

You are highly famous for your spontaneous nature. Being out and about and enjoying life to its fullest is the goal of your very existence. It will be a horrible match for you to date someone who is too shy or nervous to meet your family or to go out on adventures with you.


CAPRICORN: You shouldn’t date Aries

Passionately motivated, workaholics and controlling Capricorns cannot bear to date someone who does not value your work or comes slightly in the way of your dreams and efforts to achieve them. Do not go for someone who is weak, and not capable enough to speak up for themselves.


AQUARIUS: You shouldn’t date Taurus

You are a bit shy in social settings and love to be on your own. Never date someone who is just a homebody like you are. Otherwise, both of you will mostly stay inside your own personal, separate zones and will get to know nothing about each other. Do not date someone with a short temper or who does not confront after a fight.


PISCES: You shouldn’t date Leo

The most sensitive and touchy sign of the zodiac. With such sensitive nature, you often tend to dislike and clash with people who are just so devoid of empathy, love and have big egos. You also won’t get along with the people who make jokes all the time. You may take these jokes in a wrong way and you will feel deeply hurt by them.


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