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A cusp is a latin word for a spear or a point where one thing ends and other one starts. In Astrology, a Zodiac cusp is defined as an imaginary line that separates a pair of the consecutive signs in the zodiac or the houses in the horoscope. These zodiac cusps have the characteristics and uniqueness of both the zodiac signs and it affects their personality on a larger scale. This article will highlight the prominent uniqueness of each zodiac cusp.


AQUARIUS-PISCES: Cusp of Sensitivity

If you are born with the cusps of these two signs, then you’re a dreamer and an escapist from reality. You’re labeled as eccentric because you tend to forget things, names, and appointments, as you’re lost in your own world. You don’t have the inner confidence to keep up with relationships when things get difficult.

PISCES-ARIES: Cusp of rebirth

The pisaries are a combination of dreamers and doers who push to their limits to achieve success. They make unconventional but effective leaders, merging their empathy with their role modeling skills. They are the creators of new ideas and they also execute them with great zeal.

ARIES-TAURUS: Cusp of power and Authority

This happens to be one of the most powerful cusps in the entire zodiac community. They bring together leadership skills and mental strength of an Aries with the vision and creativity of a Taurus. They are born as leaders and tend to get bossy during assignments and projects. They don’t just dream of living their best but do incredibly well.

TAURUS- GEMINI: Cusp of energy

They have the great ability to adapt to the changing situations and therefore they emerge as winners in life. They are both driven but grounded, smart but humble, prolific but creative. They are always high on life, together they are a superhuman of fun and energy.

GEMINI-CANCER: Cusp of magic

When the vivacious Gemini merge with emotional Cancerians, magic happens. They are very fun to be around, and care deeply about people are feeling all the time. They have a strong sixth sense and respond immediately to what a person might need. This cusp is extremely sensitive and may get hurt with words easily.

CANCER-LEO: Cusp of oscillation

This is a strange cusp as cancer and leo both have an entirely different reaction to life. Cancer feels everything, And Leo’s have a flair for the dramatic. This combination gives birth to complex souls who try to figure out life but fail at it because they take it too seriously. Unpredictable is the best word to describe these cuspers.

LEO-VIRGO: Cusp of exposure

This combination has a hard time mixing well as Leo’s dramatic side doesn’t gel well with Virgo down to earth practicality. They have two opposing desires to live for themselves and to live for other, and at times, this can pose a challenge. They like to stand up for a cause and speaking against injustice.

VIRGO-LIBRA: Cusp of beauty

People born during this cusp are beautiful inside out. They are kind, energetic, intelligent, creative and sensitive. They are easy on the eyes, a pleasure to talk to and are skilled communicators. However, they can get materialistic to the point that they forget what is right and what is wrong.

LIBRA-SCORPIO: Cusp of criticism and drama

They are highly critical, have a flair for drama, are very sexual, and often have a problem finding their ‘tribe’ because of this. Their vanity and laziness of Libra contradict with their drive and jealousy of Scorpio. They may also become balanced and committed when the time is right for them.

SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS: Cusp of rebelliousness

They are explorers and desire a life that goes against the grain. They are fearless and will push things to their limit. They are also funny, accomplished, and make fiercely loyal friends who love to adventure with the ones they love most.


People born between Sagittarius and Capricorn are the true thought leaders of the world. They are both optimistic and practical, and effortlessly combine big dreams with realistic plans to see them to fruition. They’re the kind of people you want- if not seriously need- in your life

CAPRICORN-AQUARIUS: Cusp of imagination and contradiction

They’re emotional and creative, but also crave groundedness and logic, they prefer things that are both traditional and unusual. This cusp has the greatest success in their careers, but not in their personal relationships.

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