Find Out Your Negative and Positive Traits



POSITIVE: They are courageous people who like to take risks. Whatever they do, they do it with passion and devotion. They are so lovely that you can never get bored in their company.


NEGATIVE: out of all the signs, Aries is the most impatient, they tend to demand things instantly. They tend to get dominant at times, forcing themselves too much on others. They love bossing around and it is very difficult to control them. Aries is also short tempered and envious.



POSITIVE: They are the true entertainers. They know how to adjust themselves in different situations. They possess extra ordinary communication skills. They are always enthusiastic towards what life gives them.


NEGATIVE: Gemini in their behavior, show duality and inconstancy. they are called the ‘moody’ ones as they prone to mood swings. their complex personality makes them confused about their feelings. They can be mistrustful at times.





POSITIVE: They like to be independent whether be financially or emotionally. They are trustworthy people, employees may count on them! They have a pleasant way of talking and try harder until they get what they wish for. If you ever need a shoulder, Taurus is always there for help and support.


NEGATIVE: One of the negative traits of people born under this sign is that they get possessive and jealous. They love material things, shopping, food, and other possessions. they can be painfully stubborn which is their weakest point. Taureans take ages when it comes to decision making.





POSITIVE: They are the sympathy givers and takers. They never expect anything in return of their faithfulness. They have imaginative powers and usually give brilliant and creative ideas. They are quite loving and caring people


NEGATIVE: Cancer is a moody zodiac sign, from place to people, their mood can swing in minutes! They have a problem of letting go things and get over sentimental. They are usually prone to pessimism and that too without any reason.



POSITIVE: They are usually energetic people spreading positive vibes around them. They are the loyal ones and also expect the same from others. failures and disappointments never put them down. They remain optimistic about everything.


NEGATIVE: Leo’s are famous for their dominating personality and this is why they may not go well with others. they tend to get over possessive which can make a situation difficult for many. They admire luxury and glory and carry extreme pride within.




POSITIVE: They are always trustworthy and are best at doing their job. They don’t belong to a fairytale world rather they think and act practically. They are modest in their living style and never tries to boast about their accomplishments.


NEGATIVE: they are the epitome of negative thinking. their pessimism comes from their critical attitude. they are extremists in their likes and dislikes which makes them fussy. They strictly believe in the values and principles and might mind difficulty to accept modern values.





POSITIVE: Libra likes to live a balanced life without reaching any extremes. They have an extremely romantic side to them.  Moreover, a Libra can attract many people by their charming and pleasing personality. They listen to different point of views and then handle situations accordingly.


NEGATIVE: They are the most indecisive people, they are hesitant in making any concrete decision. they are fascinated with the beauty and superficial things which make them ignore inner qualities. They know the technique of manipulating things, Libra can quickly find out what other people weaknesses are so they can manipulate them.





POSITIVE: Scorpio people have God gifted strong 6th sense, they can easily read other people’s minds. They are brave, failure never discourages them. This is a faithful zodiac sign, they will always stand by you.


NEGATIVE: They can be revengeful on long their temper and may hold a grudge for a long time. they are stubborn spirits and are always in competition with themselves. they control and dominate others which make them feel safe but can be a pain in the ass for other! they may get a little harsh during an argument.





POSITIVE: They have a generous heart and they can never say no to anyone. They possess a strong sense of right and wrong and tries to speak truth whatever the cost! They are the real intellectuals and gets interested in various subjects.


NEGATIVE: Sagittarians are known for their straightforward nature, but sometimes they become harsh and brutal in their conduct with others. They don’t handle commitments rather run away from them towards their freedom. They always get criticized for their careless nature.





POSITIVE: They are mature and sensible people, they like to give the best advice. They have a practical approach towards life and takes into account all facts before making a decision.


NEGATIVE: They like controlling their surroundings. They set their own rules and do not like to be rules which make them stubborn. They are insecure souls, also their mood changes in minutes. They remain closed from the world and keep their problems to them.





POSITIVE: They work for humanitarianism and try to make the world a better place. they have wide ranging interest without any monotony. They are very loyal people, always sticking to their promise.


NEGATIVE: There is no middle part for Aquarius, they are the extremists. They are highly impulsive people, they don’t think about the consequences and they are quick to judge.





POSITIVE: They are usually compassionate people who feel for other people and are always ready to help. They always think outside the box opening infinite opportunities and they rely on their intuitions when making decisions.


NEGATIVE: They are known as the dreamers and escapists, so if anything goes wrong, they retreat into their world to avoid reality. They have a problem of low esteem despite of plenty of resources and skills. their generous nature makes them gullible.

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