How Zodiac Signs Take Revenge

Anger is a basic human emotion, and revenge is a reaction to anger.Like other personality traits, taking revenge is highly connected to our zodiac sign. Each sign has different responses to anger with different approaches. This article will explore how each zodiac sign exacts revenge. Let’s talk about how zodiac signs take revenge :


Zodiac Signs Best Matches


This signs neither waits not resist to take revenge instantly when hurt. They are the worst people to deal with and they temperament makes it difficult for civilized people to stay in same room. They usually take on revenge from other people by getting their performance better at everything. They compete publicly and don’t stop until they win.



Zodiac Signs Best Matches


They don’t take revenge instantly but these people don’t forget that must have hurt them. They do the pre planning and then attack the right time and right place. They get people kicked out of their jobs and don’t leave tracks. (evil smile)



Zodiac Signs Best MatchesGEMINI

They do think about taking revenge but when they get the chance to attack, they usually change their mind and forget. They usually forgive and move on. They might leave a stinky fish at your doormat.


Zodiac Signs Best MatchesCANCER

They possibly are considered one of the signs on the theme of revenge. As much as they can love someone, their revenge is equally ruthless. They fight like swords and the cease until their revenge is over. They might cast fake rumors about you so beware!


Zodiac Signs Best MatchesLEO

This is a proud and dignified sign, these are the exact signs where if you hurt them, they don’t ignore it. Their revenge is like a tsunami. If you’re a victim of Leo’s revenge, it is impossible to be friends ever again with them. They can insult you openly anywhere.


Zodiac Signs Best MatchesVIRGO

Their revenge is not so terrible, but they make you think pathetic about yourself. Their revenge is not a verbal fight, or violence or humiliation in public. It is rather a very silent yet impressive one. They may turn your best friends against you.


Zodiac Signs Best MatchesLIBRA

They mostly avoid conflicts and if gets into one, they try controlling their temperament and getting harsh. However, they are never able to trust again for life. They take revenge by bitching and spreading rumors about people. They might hook-up with your ex and make it visible on social media.


Zodiac Signs Best MatchesSCORPIO

If you did something that awakens the bad side of a Scorpio, you better change not just your home but a city, country, continent, and planet. If you hurt a Scorpio they will react like an insect instantly. They ban you from their life. FOREVER.



With this sign, chances are to pass out without much bloodshed. this is because these people don’t take things too seriously. But too much pumping them can active their beastly side. They reveal your secrets in public, most probably at a big dinner table or high school reunion.


Zodiac Signs Best MatchesCAPRICORN

They are known as planners, if they decide to take revenge they will do it with methodical planning and minimum emotional involvement. They can be brutal and they hardly forgive. They tend to banish people from their life who wronged them. They may drop hot coffee on your lap and do it each time they see you.


Zodiac Signs Best MatchesAQUARIUS

These people are not good at taking revenge. All they do is distancing themselves from those who hurt them. These people are emotional and think from heart not head, they carry the hate against people who have hurt them. They may make reservations on your name and spread your number across the city and never show up. They continue until you are blacklisted everywhere.


Zodiac Signs Best MatchesPISCES

The cute Pisces may turn into piranhas when it comes to revenge. They can even plan your death as a revenge. These people are extremists and take bad revenge. They ridicule the ones who hurt them and ensure that they suffer worse.They will report your pictures and social media profiles until you block them out.

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