Stones For Your Zodiac Sign

Gemstones are more than just simple stones, these gemstones have some magical powers to heal, relax, protect. These gemstones are associated with zodiac signs. This article is all about knowing your birthstone or gemstones according to your zodiac signs.

Aries (Diamond) March 21-April 19

Diamond is known for its strength like Aries, a sign known for its survival skills. Diamond represents clarity as you move forward for bigger and better goals. Diamond is also a symbol of wealth and also represents spiritual transparency and speaking your heart out.

Taurus (Amber) April 20-May 20

Amber is said to be a natural resin of trees that once grew in forests and is said to be nature loving like Taurus. The golden orange color of Amber is known for its spiritual powers seeping into the physical body. It builds patience, calmness, energizing and protection.

Gemini (Pearl) May 21-June 20

Originated from a speck of sand in an oyster, the ancient people caught the match of pearl with Gemini. Just like the sand packed oyster then makes the pearl, it produces the sense of calmness in the person. Citrine, moonstone and white sapphire are the other stones associated with Gemini.

Cancer (Moonstone) June 21- July 22

Moonstone is believed to absorb the energies associated with the moon and possesses the healing power of the moon. And it is believed that the most perfect time to wear it is during the full moon. It also enhances the psychic abilities and the feminine energies. Other stones associated with Cancer are Rube, pearl and emerald.

Leo (Tourmaline) July 23-Aug 22

Tourmaline is associated with the most important part of the body (Heart). Tourmaline enhance the power of happiness, loyalty, happiness and compassion. Tourmaline helps you keep yourself motivated and focused towards your goals. Other stones associated with Leo are, Onyx, Golden Topaz.


Virgo (Blue Sapphire) Aug 23-Sep 22

Blue sapphire is believed to be the holy and sacred stone in Buddhism. The blue color is linked with the heavens and this stone of said to enhance your ability of spiritual wisdom. Other stones associated with Leo are Carnelian, Jade and Jasper.

Libra (Opal) Sep 23-Oct 22

This gemstone has the magical ability to absorb bad energies around you. Libra has the ability to get along with people that others might not.

Scorpio (Aquamarine) Oct 23-Nov 21

As represented by its name this gemstone is associated with the oceans and the watery nature of the Scorpio. The watery nature represents the emotional self-esteem. This stone can help in soothing the intense emotions and harsh feelings. Other stones associated with Scorpio are Topaz, Beryl, Coral.

Sagittarius (Turquoise) Nov 22-Dec 21

Turquoise is known to be a sacred stone in many ancient and spiritual civilizations. It also helps in communication and is considered to be a communication stone and enhances the abilities of honesty and creativity.

Capricorn (Ruby) Dec 22-Jan 19

Rich in confidence, creativity, joy and courage this gemstone can compensate for the negative energies associated with Capricorn. Ruby is known to strengthen the hearts and Capricorn is said to be the most hard working zodiac sign.

Aquarius (Garnet) Jan 20-Feb 18

Apart from possessing the magical features to promote business and education garnet can also help in re-energizing and boosting  the sexual energy, passion and vitality. Garnet also helps in building strong relationships.

Pisces (Amethyst) Feb 19-Mar 20

Amethyst in known as the natural tranquilizer as it is useful in releasing tension and anxiety. It helps calming both mind and body. It also helps in regaining the lost emotional stability. It also enhances the psychic and spiritual awareness.

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