Health Benefits of Beet Root Juice

Health Benefits of Beet Root Juice
Health Benefits of Beet Root Juice

Health Benefits of Beet Root Juice

Beets are one of the precious gifts of the nature. Have you ever tried beet root juice? Probably no but now is the time to start as we will take a look at the magical wonders of the beet root juice in this article. Beet root juice was recognized as many ancient cultures as a medicine not as food, used to cure liver, skin, lymphatic circulation, eyes, kidneys, cancer and many other diseases. Beet comes from the family of spinach and chard. Rich in vitamin, antioxidants, minerals and fibers. In early times it was known for its green leaves but now it is well known because of the magical healthy benefits of beet root juice.

Let’s break down the Nutritional profile of the beet root juice, one glass of beet root juice contains

  • Vitamin A (15%)
  • Vitamin C (11%)
  • Iron (6%)
  • Calcium (2%)
  • Carbohydrates (13grams)
  • Proteins (2grams)
  • Calories (58)


Let’s enlist health benefits of beet root juice


Blood Flow

Beet root juice helps improving the blood flow.

Blood Pressure

Recent researches show that 2 glasses of beet root juice helps reducing the blood pressure level on the regular basis.

Liver Protective

Rich in Betaine the beet root juice helps fighting the liver diseases.

Skin Benefits

The Folate substance in the beet root juice is recognized to be a good anti-aging remedy. It helps reducing the wrinkles and the keeps the skin fresh and glowing.

Iron Deficiency

Beet root juice is rich in iron and the consumption of the beet root juice on the regular basis keep the iron level in the body balanced and helps the production of the red blood cells in the body.


Beet root juice is good for muscles and is used by many athletes for the strengthening of the muscles.


Researches show that beet root juice has the anti-tumor effects and is a good natural cure against cancer.


Beet root juice is known for its digestive benefits as it contains fibers and vitamins which also helps improving the metabolism.

Detoxifying benefits

Beet root juice is a super detox as it helps killing and flushing out the liver toxin and stimulates liver cells.

Hair Loss Remedy

Beet root juice also contains potassium, as potassium deficiency is linked with hair loss. So beet root juice also helps fighting hair loss and is a natural remedy to hair loss.

Stamina Booster

Beet root juice is a natural supplement and can be used as a natural stamina booster. Reduces inflammation

The betaine substance in the beet root juice helps against the inflammation of internal organs and acts a shield to reduce vascular risks.

Diabetes Beet root juice is very good for the diabetics. It helps reducing the glucose level in the body due to the soluble fibers it contains.

Sexual Performance

Beet root juice is also good for the sexual performance. It was used by many ancient cultures as a natural Viagra. Beet root juice contains mineral called boron which enhances the sexual performance and also the nitric oxide which helps the blood flow which gives the sexual power a kick.

Good for Smokers

Beet root juice contains betaine which is good for the smokers, as mentioned earlier in this article that beet root juice is a super detox and helps flushing the toxic waste from the body.


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