Do you really know about yahoo history

Yahoo History

What is Yahoo History?

A production of the Stanford University, YAHOO was founded in 1994 (January) by Jerry Yang & David Filo. Both were Electrical Engineering students when they first made the Website naming ‘’Jerry and David’s guide to the world wide web.

The website in its early stages included the list of the websites in the hierarchical form, later in April of the same year they renamed their website to what the world knows today ‘’YAHOO’’

Where did the name YAHOO came from?Yahoo History

In the early stages of development of the name of the website, both the founders said that ‘’Yet another hierarchical official oracle’’ was the back shadow of the name YAHOO but they admitted that they had named the website because they liked the general definition of the word YAHOO.

As the word YAHOO  was a real teaser and that’s why it was quite famous in very less time, on the other hand the same word was already trademarked for many other item including Sauces, knives and other things so the David and Filo had to make it unique somehow, so they added the Exclamation mark in the end of the word however the exclamation mark is sometimes wrongly omitted while refering YAHOO!

Before the creation of the domain, YAHOO was a blockbuster already by getting 1 Million clicks. YAHOO did its IPO (Initial Public Offering)  in April 1996 and raised $33.8 Million by selling almost 2.6 Million Shares of 13$ each (opening Bid).


In the Era of 1997 to 1999 many other websites were growing fast, WPP (Web Portal Providers) asked the websites to broaden their range of services allowing the time of users to stay on the website to expand.

In these years YAHOO purchased many services which became the part of the YAHOO, including Rocketmail which later became YAHOO Mail, which became YAHOO Games, and in 1998 YAHOO! Launched an instant messaging service that was later renamed to YAHOO! Messenger.

In Year 2000 YAHOO! And Google signed a mutual agreement which made the Google engine to enable searches made by YAHOO!. In 2004 YAHOO! Dropped the agreement to use Google powered results and launched its own service. In 2004 when Google launched then Gmail Service, YAHOO!

In response to Google Upgraded its mailing service which broadened the storage of free accounts from 4 MB to 1 GB and YAHOO Mail Plus Accounts to 2 GB.

In the years 2005 to 2008 YAHOO! and Microsoft discussed many merger deals which went unsuccessful.

Despite the hurdles and rock hard competition YAHOO! Stands firm in the current era and is capable enough to cope the challenges in the upcoming future.

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