Facts about samsung vs iphone sales

samsung vs iphone sales

Samsung VS iphone sales, this has a been a non-ending debate since ever, the two smart phone producing companies are the biggest rivals in the tech era today. The users in their world are also competitors but the real competition lies in the yearly sales comparison, who did the most, who ranked 1st, the market share, the shipments around the globe, the yearly revenue, these are the real things that both the companies focus at.

samsung vs iphone sales

According to the latest news and the tech critics, Samsung is one step ahead from Apple and has taken back its spot which it lost one year back, the all new Samsung Galaxy S7 is also a small victory for Samsung in itself in this rivalry.

The numbers also state a clear run through for Samsung in the upcoming competition in the Apple’s IPhone 7 which is a limited update to its last version 6S, while the Samsung with its early margin and its new launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will have a little edge in the competition for sometime, the numbers of March state almost 28 percent of US Market of Samsung, while Apple with a little decline come at 23 percent.


In the 1st Quarter of this year the Samsung with its Market Share of 28% over all, while Apple had 14%. Samsung obviously 1st in the ranking in the 1st quarter and Apple on the 2nd spot.

The numbers also state that around 11% of the Apple IPhone users switched to Samsung while 14% of the Samsung users switched to the Apple’s IPhone.


All in all both the rivals have their wins and loses in the competition, in some statistics or the others. The numbers, statistics, rankings mean a great deal to the companies while the users focus at their own preferences, it’s a fact that the numbers also effect the users or the customers one way or the other. Apple users are said to be more loyal to their brand but the declining figures of Apple and the increasing figures of Samsung are also facts of the same story.

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