What is Horoscope

Horoscope The only certain thing in life is the uncertainty about future and for as long as history accounts for, the inquisitive human mind has invented many ways to find out b what future holds (without any major success I suppose) and horoscope is one of them. Whether we believe in it or not, we all are tempted to read the horoscope at some point of our lives. Some people religiously follow theirs and some just take it as a little bit of fun. The interesting thing is that if you read about your star sign from various sources, each one of them will tell you a different story. It becomes really confusing sometimes and you can’t decide which one to follow.


Is it a good idea to wear red when you are supposed to go to a funeral that day? Or will it be lucky to stick to white when you know there will be torrential rain and you have to use public transport for the daily commute to office? If it tells you that you should stay at home and avoid going out and you have a crucial day at work, should you stay home and get fired or is it better to go and break a leg in an accident? I think the better option will be to read from another source which might tell you that you should think about changing the colour of your room for better feng shui. I am not making enough sense here, but wait it is going to get more complicated.


Many times we not only read about our own stars but also about the predictions for those who we love or hate. It feels good to read that your star is going to play a significant role in the lives of your recent crush, but do remember that you can have the same star sign as your crush’s father. It feels even better when the horoscope about someone you don’t like much, says they are going to suffer and you really want to believe that forgetting the fact that the same lines were written under your sign few days back.


Sometimes these predictions are helpful, for instance my horoscope today said that it is a lucky day for me and my kids and if I wear yellow and an emerald ring,

I will get a promotion at work. Great news, is it not? All I need to do is, get a yellow dress (a colour I never wear) buy an emerald ring (or borrow) complete my degree, find a job, get married and have kids within next six hours. See, easy peasy, that’s today sorted. I wish horoscope could tell what should I cook today, I would love to follow that.

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