Top 10 ways to relax

If you get a hard day and you are felling stressed. Don’t worry there is some ways to relax.

According to my research here is 10 ways to relax:

  1. Green Tea
  2. Chocolate
  3. Walk on grass
  4. Stay Alone for a while
  5. Drink a glass of water
  6. Do some yoga
  7. Sing a song loudly
  8. Read a book
  9. Go on a walk with your pet
  10. Take a shower

Green Tea:
  Try some sips of green tea this will help you to relax your body.  Green Tea contains L-Theanine this helps to reveals your stress.


Grab a chocolate to get your mind relaxed. Chocolate contains fiber, iron which helps your body and mind to get relaxed. Dark Chocolate is more beneficial to get your mind relaxed instantly.

Walk on Grass:

Take a walk on grass without wearing a pair of shoes or anything feel the nature through your feet’s which will help you to get fresh and will off course change your mood.

Stay Alone for a while:

Do you have kids? Don’t have place to sit alone I have an idea or you can what I do myself sit in a bathroom forget about everything and just relax your body.

Drink a glass of water:

If you are stressed and lying down on the bed/couch/sofa get and drink a glass of water and if you sitting on chair stand and drink a glass of water. There is two thing you need to focus change the position what you have right now and drink a glass of water.

Do some yoga:

Stretch your body. Best Pose to relax your body is cobra pose in yoga. Stay in this position and you will feel good.

Sing a song loudly:

When I say loudly it’s worth it this method works for me and my friends always pick your favorite song and start singing and you will feel calm.

Read a Book:

Reading a book will change the mind and get you in different place like if you are reading book of history this will bring you back in 1900s imagination bring change in your mood and also helps to get relax.

Go on a walk with your pet:

Do you have a Dog? You can go with your children’s or boyfriend/girlfriend but I like to go with my pet because we can talk with them and they don’t ask questions so this is the secret to go on a walk with pets.

Take a shower:

According to a research when you are stressed take a shower with warm water and you will feel relax for sure. This also helps to relieve coughs and heal your back pains.

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