Don’t stop reading a book

Whenever we think of reading books it sounds too boring and dull, but it isn’t so. Reading books has been the primary source of knowledge, wisdom and ethics from hundreds of years. Since the advancement of technology reading and specially books reading has been reduced or to some extent completely eliminated from our lives. Computers/Cell Phones/Television and other media have taken the place of Books.

One of the main reasons that we shouldn’t stop reading books is that it eases our mind, broadens the mental capacity, enhances the memory, increases the knowledge. Readings books in today’s era has been limited to studies. One of the other reasons of why reading books is so important is that it is relaxing, reading should be encouraged in children from the early age. Apart from the usual study routine reading is so vital for the balanced and healthy growth of both the mind and soul.

Try to make Reading a simple habit of your routine and it will tell you by itself the wonders of it. Make a simple plan, make some time from your daily routine for reading books. Researchers suggest that after all the hectic and busy usual routine if you make some time for reading books, it helps release the stress and tensions. Not more, not too many books, just start from a couple of pages, try to ease, go deep.

Some simple Steps to adapt the habit of Reading books.

  • Make sometime from your daily busy routine (after work is preferable)
  • Go to some library or some bookstore and buy some books of your taste
  • Make some space in your home where you can just sit and relax while reading (I suggest outdoor places) where you are close to the nature
  • Take some tea, coffee, or water with you. It helps retaining the attention
  • Start from a couple of pages and make it your habit, then try to digest as much as you can, then the pace will automatically gear up
  • Don’t over stuff your mind, don’t exhaust yourself, read as much as you can digest


As mentioned earlier start from a less and then go wide in reading books, choose a healthy environment, don’t over read, don’t exhaust yourself, children should be encouraged to read apart from their usual study life.

10 Benefits of Reading; Why You Should Read Every Day

1. Mental Stimulation

2. Stress Reduction

3. Knowledge

4. Vocabulary Expansion

5. Memory Improvement

6. Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills

7. Improved Focus and Concentration

8. Better Writing Skills

9. Tranquility

10. Free Entertainment

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